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 + Kundalini Yoga lesson is for the liver.

If you feel tired, short-tempere, and you need vital energy,

                                     Try Kundalini yoga.

                  There is convenient lesson course of short hours.

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                                                             Our liver.

July, Kundalini Yoga lesson is for the liver.

The liver, and only one of organs, though. ... 

I am an interested in it.

Kundalini Yoga helps for the liver.

Are your liver a good condition?

To keep healthy liver, get how to learn from Kundalini yoga.

I got information from

I picked up some about our liver;

Our liver is about 1KG.

There are 500 kinds of function.

- Metabolizing alcohol, other drugs & chemicals.

- Neutralizing & destroying poisonouse substances.

- Producing, strong & quick energy 9glucose) to keep the mind alert

  and the body active.

- Producing, strong & exporting fat. 

- Transport substances in the blood.

- Clotting of blood.

- Providing resistance to infection.

- Sex hormones.

- Thyroid hormones.

- Cortisone & other adrenal hormones.

- Produces cholesterol, excrets and comverts it to other 

  essential substances.

- And if you would like to know more about the liver,

  study it. It is a good oppotunity to know our liver.

To keep healthy body is own responsible.

Give love to your body.


 + Effect of Kundalini yoga? Click here


 + How to keep healthy kidneys?

                 kidney by chopstix1

  I will teach with Pose, Breathing, Mantra & relaxation.

  Let's keep healthy kidneys.

  I checked it from Web sites the "kidney".


  Kidney size:

The kidneys are a pair of organs located in the back of the abdomen. 

  Each kidney is about 4 or 5 inches long -- about the size of a fist.

  The kidneys' function:  

   Filtered the blood.

  How many times through the kidneys?

  All the blood in our bodies passes through the kidneys several times a day. 

  The kidneys remove wastes, control the body's fluid balance, 
and regulate

  the balance of electrolytes.

  Each kidney contains around a million units called nephrons,

  each of which is a microscopic filter for blood. 

  There are more the kidneys function.

   If you feel "my body condition is not good", ask doctor, please.

   To keep own body in tone is our treasure.




 + Yoga can do anywhere & anytime in your daily life of Kundalini Yoga.



Our body is in full possession of all our facultiec.

Yoga is most simple mentenance way for unbalance


We need extend or releases for facultiec.

    So, Yoga teach to our body & mind with breathing.

    Yoga is not special movement. We can do anywhere & anytime in our daily




 + GENKI energy from Noriok's Kundalini Yoga class.

GENKI is Japanese word.

GENKI is composed two words.

GEN means element.

KI means energy of spilt, mind, sense, feeling, sensation and consciousness.

There are a lot of meaning, aren't you?

"GEN" + "KI", GENKI means vigor,spirit, vitality & heart. 


  Let's get GENKI energy from Noriko's Kundalini Yoga class.

  Let's share GENKI energy with Noriko's K-Yoga.

  Your stress will disappear.



  + Yogi tea.



  health-promoting, delicious, soothing, and a great coffee substitute, the

  benefits of Yogi Tea would fill pages. In the science of Yogic foods, the spices

  used in this tea are said to have the following properties;

    Black pepper - a blood purifier

    Cardamom pods - a digestive aid

    Cloves - beneficial to the nervous system

    Cinnamon - strengthens the bones

    Ginger root - healing for colds and flu, and increases energy


  Start with 300g per cup and brew at least 4 cups at once. For each cup you

  will need:

    3 cloves

    4 green cardamom pods

    4 black peppercorns

    1/2 stick of cinnamon

    1 slice of ginger root

  Boil 10-15 minutes. Then add 1/4 teaspoon of black tea. After 2 minutes

  add 1/2 cup of milk per cup of liquid. 

  Heat to the boiling point and remove immediately. 

  Stain and add honey to taste.



  + Kundalini Yoga for waking up series KY kriyas:



  Comments: Yogi Bhajan recommends this kriya, every morning

  upon (or even before) arising. They can be done while still in bed.

   (from Sexuality and Spirituality)


  Noriko’s advice: This Kriya is easy, but do not push your body, & use seed Mantra.

                   Before you practice this Kriya by yourself, please get advice from Noriko.

                   Ask me by "CONTACT US". 



  + This is where my Kundalini Yoga class gets interesting.

    We had an aromatherapy session using fresh lemons from the garden to

    make an invigorating lemon foot bath.






   + Wonderful body: 

  Your breathe about 15 times per minute.

  Newborn babies breathe about 40 times per minute.

  If you live to the age of 80, you will have taken well over 600 million breaths.

  Let’s breathe economically. 

  I teach healthy breathing IN & OUT.

  Ask me by "CONTACT US". 



+ Kundalini yoga is:

--- The flow of Eternal Vibration

                         So, let's do Kundalini Yoga. ---

The good vibration makes a happy &healthy life.


+ I will introduce one perts of Kundalini yoga.

This kriya will strengthen your immune system by stimulating the Root Chakra, the

Third Chakra (endurance and self-esteem) and the Heart Chakra; this combination

of meditation and subtle internal movements guards against succumbing to illness.

Repeat this kriya three times per session during cold and flu seasons and you are

sure to stay healthy, wealthy and wise.

Kundalini Yoga for beginners.

Gold chain mantra→Altenative nostril breating→wholel spine flexble → spine flexble

to foward→washing machine→pumping→bear grip→OJIGI pose→bending your

body to forward→ rolling your neck→cat & cow→shrug your shoulders→Deep

relaxation→wake up→maditation: left parm on your 3rd chakra & right palm is near

right shoulder joint with O ring fingers.→chanting last manrta.

However, when you do by ownself, ask Noriko. Sat Nam

Ask me by  '' CONTACT US ''  . 


+ Meditation & Brain.

Also kundalini yoga helps the Brain. Let's practice meditation for brain.


+ Alzheimer's Prevention Research Results

Kundalini Yoga Meditation & Mantra "Sa Ta Na Ma" can help to Alzheimer.

Mantra means mind protection & it vibrates to mind.

Mantra is the most important aspect of the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

Contact me by "CONTACT US"  . 


+ Listen to this music & sing a song with the video.

After kundalini yoga lesson, we will sing this song.

May the long time sun shine upon you.......♪ ♪♪♪

Ask me by "CONTACT US" .  I will send the note to you.


+ What is "Guru Yoga" ?

Guru Yoga is called "Tratakum Meditation".

We learn it from Kundalini Yoga.

This maditation is a lot of fun!!

The Taratukumu Meditation is to gaze to a object.

If you would like to let us lead to your purpose through the object,

I will recommend "Guru Yoga".

For example; when you had your dream or action of quality, do the "Taratakum

Meditation" of "Guru Yoga" with an object.

You will identify the meaning what the object show.

I will give you an idea using a mirror.

Ask me by "CONTACT US".  I will talk by Skype with you.


+ Noriko found an interested thought "The 81 facets" from a Kundalini Yoga book.

Noriko comment: The 81 facets means our mind is like a onion.  Our mind is the

81 layers!  So, our mind become clean with tears. I understand!!  (Smile)

From Kundalini Yoga book "The AQUARIAN TEACHER".

" If the 81 facets can be controlled so that with each thought, the mind perceives it

clearly and surrenders to the intention of the soul, then inner and outer peace are


"The techniques that alter the 81 facets are described in detail in the technology of

Kundalini Yoga.  It ia the process of engaging the conscious, the subconscious

and the super conscious at the point of origin of the thoughts"


+ Posture for Kundalini Yoga Relaxation

Noriko comment: Each pose is simple, and learning is easy. Each effect is magical.

- Baby Pose

- Guru Pranam Pose

- Easy Pose

- Knee pull up Pose

- Corpse Pose.

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