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Feature of Noriko's Kundalini Yoga class

   Welcome Yoga friend. Kundalini Yoga

   Noriko's Kundalini Yoga class is friendly & gently movement.

   If you like no group, there is a short hour class lesson.

   Short hour class is for Yoga treatments and for a quickly learning way.


   You can learn from class or short hour class lesson:

   Correct tuning in,

   Correct linking breath with posture & mental focus.

   You learn "Pacing yourself ".

   You learn "Gently movement life".

   You learn "Focus on yourself"

   You learn "Everything is vibration".

   You learn "How to keep healthy life without stress".

   You learn "To look into your body".

   You learn "useful for your religion".

   You learn "Nature is greatness".

   You learn "Yoga is not only exercise".


   Noriko is waiting from your asking. Please contact us,


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