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Breathing - Talk 1



  Conscious breathing is an important part of living.

  Increased breath capacity developed through long deep

  breathing exercises carries more oxygen to the brain,

which in turn helps to create a heightened sense of awareness.


Breathing - Talk 2


  Science has shown that conscious controlled breathing can

 also elevate your mood, creates relaxation and shield you from


 the effects of stress and aid in pain control, and alleviate a wide

range of symptoms like headaches or indigestion. Inhalation gives tension.

Exhalation gives relaxation.

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Breathing - Talk 3

  The most beneficial way of breathing is to inhale completely by

  filling from your lungs to shoulder area with the breath and then

  exhale and completely empty them, and relax.


  By intentionally focusing attention on your breathing in and exhaling, you

  are practicing conscious breathing.


Breathing - Talk 4


  By changing the rhythm and depth of your breathing one can

  begin to change addictive behavioral patterns.

  Example, if you are shallow breathing every time, your body

remember as behavioural patterns; insomnia, short temper, worry.

unbalance and many other symptoms.

In today’s modern times of behavioural addictions, the sacred science of

Kundalini Yoga and meditation brings solutions for the concerns and

problems of our modern world.

Most important is long , deep and nice breathing.

You become GENKI!

GENKI is a Japanese word. 

GENKI means healthy body, mind & spirit on powerful energy of universe.

It is a strong positive word in Japanese.

Thank you for reading.




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