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- The "Liver set for HEPATITIS" more New!  

- How ever difference are Kundalini Yoga & Reiki?New!

                          - Chakra NEW!

                          - Why stress? - 1

                          - Why stress? - 2 NEW!

                          - Breathing story - 1

                          - Breathing story - 2 

                          - Breathing story - 3  NEW!

                          - Breathing story - 4  NEW!


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                       KIKUART  Home page's History

                                         2017 year



  - Let's have Yoga time at out side with a nice air. Where, when ...


  - Every Friday at 7pm - 7:45 pm, group healing in Taumarunui ....



                     Next workshop is: On 9th April

                             Workshop place.

                  April Kundalini Yoga workshop at his Dojo*

                          on 9th April    Time: 10:30am to 12:30pm.
                       Place: Out of Owhango, beautiful countryside

                         1602 Oio Rd, Kaitieke. Bujinkan Yamabiko Dojo                     

                          at Appletree Cottage



                                         2016 year


- Fasting day of full moon: July/20th/Wed. ... Shall we with me?       

                                                                        finished. Thank you.

- Twice a month, come for Reiki healing.    ....  Special price, more 

                                                                        finished. Thank you.



                                               2015 year's history


- Refer to the latest Bream Bay Newsletter photo .  finished, Thank you.

- We participate in an event "Nescafe Night Cafe Ladies Night Out" .  finished, Thanks.

- Hypnotherapist, Noriko is opening relaxation classes in  Ruakaka.

                                                                             finished. Thank you.

- Hypnotherapy is discounted 30% with term condition.    finished.

                                                                                           Thank you.

- Event on 24th/Nov. "Stop your smoking" workshop  finished.        

                                                                                       Thank     you.

- Special healing Day on 10th & 11th June.    finished. Thank you



  Event for school holiday in July.

                      Meditation for your kids   Finished. Thank you.




             Meditation by tonyelieh                                      



Thank you for joining.

 This class is finished

  Yoga interested person welcome!!



From children to any age group.

Wanted students now!!  (Add on "the bream bay trader" advertise)


8 lessons. From 21st. Feb. to 11th Apri.

      Wanted students now!!  

      Meditation by DamnedHonesty      Meisou - Meditation by KisaragiChiyo      Meditation by babsartcreations  




                                      Thank you for joining.

                                       This class is finished


New!!  GENKI-UNDO & MEDITATION 8 lessons.

Generally, you continue Meditation:

You feel stronger and healthier physically, emotionally, and spiritually from the many things.

Noriko makes GENKI-UNDO & MEDITATION program.

GEKI-UNDO & MEDITATION is simple & easy, no need mat, not tight jeans OK.

not tight skirt OK.

Any ages welcome.

When? From 21st Feb. to 4th Apri.

Time?  At 6:30 -7:30pm .

Where? at Recreation Centre.

Fee? 8 times ticket $60.

Please join us. or call me 027 715 2121                     To Top / To Home

Meditation by jae-ess-el

Meditation by tonyelieh


   The benefits of GEKI-UNDO & MEDITATION are various.

                 With regular and diligent practice, you can improve your condition greatly,

        Make your body relax, change habitStop smoking,Stop drug & Stop alcohol,

                   to be motivated and help from insomniacdepression, phobia & more.


  GENKI-UNDO & Meditation practicing person will get a lots of physical and mental benefits.

                                                              Noriko Experience:


                                                                      She said, 
When I broke my wrist in an
accidental at Whale bay last year,

         GENKI-UNDO & MEDITATION were important in my

                       physical and  emotional recovery.

        I had programs "Yogic eliminating tension & pain"

                "Balancing   and  Heart" & "Prosperity"

                  on the GENKI-UNDO & MEDITATION.

    It has changed my outlook in positive ways, and I had passed   

                                  heavy feeling days.


      Now I became GENKI-UNDO & MEDITATION are a tool for my




What mean is GENKI-UNDO??

GENKI is in Japanese word. Vitality & strengthen of body & Mind.

UNDO is in Japanese word. Loosen up. Ease with movement.

Meditation mean?

To see into your body without eyes by meditation.

To clean in your body by Meditation.

The body is our house.

Let's clean by Meditation.

Wanted students now!!

More detail, please contact

  Mobil: 027 715 2121 Noriko



                       Meditation by sci-clone                       Meditation by Apheline



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                              Thank you for joining.

                              This class is finished


  Kundalini Yoga    NEW  CLASS , Now!!

                     You can relax with Kundalini Yoga. 

                     Kundalini Yoga gives us perfect relaxation.

                     From young to silver age can do Kundalini Yoga.   


Gentle Kundalini-Yoga Class …. Every Monday,

At RUAKAKA Recreation Centre. At 10 - 10:40am


Special Kundalini Yoga Therapy or One on One lessons.

At KIKUART Healing Studio.

By Appoint. For 30minites of your special lesson time: $30.


                                   Call Noriko 09 432 7687  

                              5 Shearwater Street, One Tree Point.

                      Also E-mail click "Click here".


                                     " Be Happy!” at KIKUART


                                                                          Thank you for reading

                                                                                              To Yoga / To Home  


                            Thank you for joining.

                              This class is finished

  Special Kundalini Yoga classes

                      Do you know how to make a more healthy life by Yoga?

  At RUAKAKA Recreation Centre. At 10 - 10:40am $8 /each class


                    Mild Kundalini-Yoga Class …. Every Monday,


  At KIKUART Healing Studio. At 10 – 10:40am $8 /each class


  Medium Kundalini-Yoga Class …. Every Tuesday,


  At KIKUART Healing Studio. At 1:30 – 2:10pm $8 /each class


Energetic Kundalini-Yoga Class EveryFriday,


    Special Kundalini Yoga Therapy or One on One lessons.


           By Appointment. For 30minutes of your special individual 

                                              lesson time: $25.


                             Call Noriko 09 432 7687

                   5 Shearwater Street, One Tree Point.

                        Also E-mail click "Click here".

                                                                                    Thank you for reading

                                                                            To Yoga / To Home  



2015. Jun Kundalini yoga class. Finished, Thank you

- June "gentle Yoga work shop" , from 1st to 22nd .... read more


                                   Thank you for joining.

                                  This class is finished




                              Valentine’s Day Special Meditation


                               Tuesday 14th February 2012 (Valentine's Day)

                                              At 10 - 11am

               At KIKUART studio, 5 Shearwater Street, One  tree Point.


                                    Meditation: to open the Heart.

                                        Mantra: SAT KARTAAR



Effect: Do this meditation if you feel your heart is closed and there is no flow of love, and you want to open your heart, or fourth Chakra.

Every age welcome!

So, get seats now.  Call 09 432- 7687 or Click here

                                                                    Thank you for reading!!


Morning class & evening Yoga are opened for begining autumn season.

Wanted March & April classes !



At the Recreation Center


Every Monday morning: Gentle Yoga, at 10am to 11am

  Every Monday evening: Lively Yoga, at 6pm to 6:45pm

March classes; On 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th.

April classes; On 13th, 20th.

A lesson fee is $7.50 by tickets.

Please call 027 715 2121


Noriko's e-mail, here


                                     To Home page. or Newsletter    

My morning Gentle Yoga classes take effect for "better life".

My evening Lively Yoga classes take effect for "relax for your tired body".

Any age welcome.


After morning & Evening yoga class, let's have cup of Yogi tea.

It's delicious!!

                                                                       Home made my "Yogi tea" is;

                                                                Black pepper - a blood purifier

                                                                Cardamom pods - a digestive aid

                                                                Cloves - beneficial to the nervous system

                                                                Cinnamon - strengthens the bones

                                                                Ginger root - healing for colds and flu, and                                                                                                        increases energy


                                                  Thank you for leading.



                  Meditation class.  Finished, Thank you

                             Every Wednesday

                                   At 10am

                  When finished, a cup of Japanese tea.

                   Fee is $7.50. Buy tickets from Noriko.

                        At Recreation Centre First floor.

                   Sit down on the floor with own mat.

                 Take your blanket or sit on chair, please.


2014 year

- For kids meditation.  Finished, & join again for next season. Thank you.

- GENKI-UNDO & MEDITATION for Self-Healing  Finished, Thank you.

- One of Event "Waipu in Tartan" It is the "Waipu Wellbeing Event"

  On 19th July Sat. 9 am-1 pm. more.    Finished, Thank you.

- Marsden Cove Marina Market. more     Finished, Thank you.

  Marsden Cove Marina market Facebook.

- GENKI-UNDO & MEDITATION class, new opened. .... read more  Finished, Thanks.

- We participate an event "Nescafe Night Cafe Ladies Night Out".  Finished, Thanks.

- The waipu wellbeing event was success.  finished, Thank you.

- Free Healing & Therapy at One Tree Point !! finished, Thank you.

- One Tree Point Reiki Development Saturday Workshop.   finished, Thank you.


2013 year

- For Christmas season.    finished. Thank you.

- Kundalini Yoga & Therapy are discounted 30% with term condition.   finished.

- Every Monday, at Recreation centre at 10 - 11am. finished. Thank you.

- An aromatherapy session for spring season.     finished, thank you.

- An invigorating fresh lemon foot bath.    finished, Thank you.

- 2013 year New class of every Monday.  finished. Thank you.

- Last class 17th December 2012 & started 7th January 2013.  finished.  Thank you.

- Special Kundalini Yoga class.   Finished,  Thank you.

- Variety Kundalini Yoga classes & easy fees.  Finished, Thank you.




                        The details of Group lessons information:



- Kundalini Yoga Group lessons:

What doing?
- Talking about "The three levels of being".

- Let's try Kundalini Yoga breathings

- Kundalini Yoga Kriya: for 30 min.

- Meditation with Mantras or without Mantra: for 11 min.

- After finish, let's have relaxation time.

- You will be able to sleep deeper.


Everybody welcome to Kundalini Yoga!!

Please join to special the Kundalini Yoga night.

- The Kundalini Yoga morning meditation:

The early morning meditation every Thursday.

It is at 5am - 7am.

It is called ''Sadhana''.

You can polish your spiritual by early morning.

It is a self-discipline of the mind & body to serve the soul that allows one to express the Infinite within one's self.

Its benefit is to let our mind keep clear to accurately guide our actions.

Feel positive activity from the early morning meditation; Sadhana. 

There are a lot of benefits.

Try it once.

Everybody welcome!!  $5.00 ( a cup of Tea & Candles)

If you would like to know the detail of Sadhana, I will talk to you. 

What doing?

- Chanting mantra; Ekk O-ng Kar .....

- Kundalini Yoga

Please join to special the Kundalini Yoga morning .

An appointment: E-mail

                          Mobil 0277152121   

                          Ph 09-432-7687


- Reiki Group lessons:

Let's have a enjoyable special the Reiki-Night with a cup of Reiki tea.

What is Reiki?
◎ Reiki Hatsurei-Ho
◎ Quick Self-Attunement.
◎ Quick self healing.
◎ Reiki Relax.
◎ Gokai.
◎ Body Map.
◎ Chakra Reiki Healing

These Lessons are so important for Reiki.

If you keep up the Reiki-Night,                                             
you will have a chance to get a Reiki one certificate.

Then, I will do an attunement for you.
Attunement is important for Reiki.
An attunement fees are $20.

After get an attunement, you are called Reiki-one healer.

Reiki-Night is useful for new Reiki healer or already Reiki healer.
Reiki-Night is useful as Reiki exchange.

◎ You will be able to sleep deeper.

Please join to special the Reiki-Night.

An appointment i: e-mail

                           : Mobil 0277152121    Ph 09 432 7687



Yogi Bhajan says,
''There are three values; feel good, be good, and do good''



Inner-child Card lessons. 

Fees are $3.00

At 8pm-9pm, at One Tree point KIKUART studio.

Every two weeks, 2nd & 4th Wed.


What is an Inner child?





KIKUART Students's 2011 Smallish Fashion Show

Picture 013     IMG_0284  _014 Katie Blue Top  ←Please click.

                                     You will be able to see students pictures.


Special guest speaker: Takaaki Sakaguchi Desingner.

Special KIMONOs show: How to put on three kind of Japanese KIMONOs.


 Date = On 15/October/2011

 Time = 12:30pm - 4pm (for 3 hours & half)

 Venue = KIKUART studio

 Fee = $15 (incolude a cup of tea & donation for Japan & CHCH earthquakes)

Please reserve your seat.

The tickets order is here "CONTACT US" . Everybody welcome!!


1 July. 2011

2011 Winter fashion NZ

I copied below web site.

New Zealand Fashion Week 2011

FashioNZ Logo

Coop’s debut collection for Winter 2012, Smash Planet featured at NZFW is inspired by the moodiness and shifting nature of the earth in recent times.

With prints featuring ice, rocks, crystal caves and natural colours, these are paired back with deep chocolates and charcoal grays, subtle fleshy tones, as well as range of pop colours including lava red, ultra violet purple and a cool minty green.

The natural theme is followed through in the details with jagged zigzags and cut out triangle shapes representing cracks in the earth and falling ice caps.

Texture is becoming a signature feature for this label with a playful mix of soft silks, sheer chiffons and matte silk satin set against leather, metal, heavy cabled wool, velvet, lace and fur.

Altogether the range is young, moody, edgy, sexy and brave.


On 1/June Wed.

Reiki & Gokai Therapy workshop

- 1 /June: Reiki & Gokan Therapy Two workshops  ← Click

Thank you for participation persons.

Every body had a nice talking, nice questions& nice potluck lunch time.


On 19/May Wed.

Reiki & More fun workshop 

Only $30/a ; if you order by 14th/May.

After the 14/May, fee is $45.

An introduction for the workshop

It is coming winter season.

How do you spend your daily life?

After quakes, our damaged Christchurch city is going well a little by little.

We need strong mind & healthy life under the terribly environment & the cold winter season.

The workshop is the “Reiki & a little bit experience Hypnotherapy”.

Day & Time

When: The first is 19/May Wed.


Time: From at 10am to 13pm ( Include tea time)

Time schedule

Reiki Healing: 10 – 11am

Hypnotherapy: 11:10 – 12pm

Tea time: 12 – 1pm

Fee is reasonable.

Only $30/a ; if you order by 14th/May. After the 14/May, fee is $45.

What do we do?

The workshops is a little bit deferent contents.

Reiki Healing session by Noriko. 10 – 11am

Hypnosis self-therapy 11:10 – 12pm

A cup of tea 12:10pm2pm


Venue & Map click

Workshop studio: KIKUARTFASHIONS studio.  



KIKUARTFASHIONS; Noriko Mobile 027-715-2121 e-mail Please click here.

We are looking forward to seeing you

on 19. May. Thurs. at 10am - 1pm. $45



4 Feb.2011

Everybody welcome!

What to do: Reiki healing, and Questions & Answers with a cup of tea.

Date: 4.Feb.2011

Time: at 10 -11:30am

Where: My studio, near the Riccarton Mall

Fee: $5.00

Thee Reiki eveeThe Thent

Please send Questions or an appointment from !



January 2011 year


KIKUARTFASHIONS will start from 10th of January, 2011.

We will have a lot of workshop soon.

There are Reiki healing workshops.

There are Kundalini Yoga workshops.

There are Meditation times with a cup of tea.

There are creative Dressmaking workshops.

Photos of 2010 -2011 year!

KIKUART FASHIONS's gateway.  Welcome in 2011 year. Let's do meditation in 2011 year. Reiki lessons in 2011 year. Let's learn the GOKAI of the Reiki. Let's try to do Kundalini Yoga in your life of 2011 year. The KIKUART FASHION's logo mark. I use this book as Kundalini Yoga text book. I use this book as Kundalini Yoga text book. One of Reiki books. Our body is a marvels. Creative Dressmaking lessons in 2011 year. 4.Sep.2010. an earthquake. The concert for an after-shock. 30.Dec.2010. the count down concert at the square. 1.Jan.2011. fire works for new year after the count down concert at the square Let's do a nice smile life in 2011. Let's have deep breathing in 2011. My pet Yuu of Kuro-taro.  I am waiting with Yuu of Kuro-taro for you 2011 year, too.


24 Dec.2010

The season's greetings to everybody

Have a nice Christmas.

Keep a Balance in Every thing you do.

So many people walk around with a meaningless life.

They seem half asleep, even when they are busy doing things they think are important.

this is because they're changing the wrongs.

The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that give you purpose and meaning.

                                                            ------- Morrie Schowartz  --------

Let's learn Reiki Healing, Self-Healing by Kundalini Yoga & Creating Something by Dressmaking.

                                 ------ From Noriko of KIKUARTFASHIONS.CO.NZ ------


21 Dec, Tues. 6.30pm - 8pm Thank you for:

Special Event: Kundalini Yoga Summer Solstice 2010!

What: Lets practice Kundalini Yoga with one of Yogi Bhajan's video-record,

           and after Yoga, let's have a cup of tea.

Two tutors: Elena (Simranpreet Kaur); She started to learn Kundalini Yoga

            since 2005 at Mos Kow in Russia. She has K.R.I. Certificate of

            Kundalini Yoga Training. She started to teach Kundalini Yoga in 

            Christchurch, 2009.

            Noriko Kikuchi; She is owner of the KIKUART. 

            She is teaching Reiki, Kundalini Yoga and Dressmaking lesson in 

            Christchurch. Her kundalini Yoga experience is 25 years.

            Also, she has K.R.I. Certificate of Kundalini Yoga Training.

Fee: Donation

Contact: Click here

         “Revolve your life around Summer and Winter Solstice


                          everything will be taken care of.”                  

                                                                           ~Yogi Bhajan

                          We hope to see you all there!

11/Nov/2010 Thank you for:

Certificated Japanese Shiatsu & Japanese acupuncturist will come.

The wonderful & special News Tip!

He stay from 1/Nov to 11/Nov.

If you are an interested in  Japanese shiatsu & Japanese acupuncture,

you can meet him at KIKUART studio. Need an appointment.       


20/Oct/2010 Thank you for:

The Reiki & Self-healing Workshop.
The detail is:

After an big earthquake, many people have a lot of stress.

- To interested persons:  Please send e-mail by 6th/Oct./2010
- 10-11:30am Reiki Hatsurei-ho & healing
- 11:30-12:30pm Study of Self-healing
- 12:30-13:30pm the Japanese style cooking lunch for vegetarians.
- The Reiki workshop fee is include the lunch: $50
- At KIKUART Studio in Riccarton, near the Riccarton mall, in Christchurch.


October. 2010 was:

For after-shock!!   78% off

Reiki, Kundalini yoga & Dressmaking-lesson Fee


One on one Special lessons fee / Three times: $30


                     Until end of October


                                           Normal  is $135. 


                     Please send an e-mail for an appointment


We are exhausted by the earthquake and after-shocks!!


                                  Please come & let's do


                 Reiki Healing, Kundalini Yoga or meditation.

       Let's do Meditation to Adjust your Magnetic Field after an Earthquake
       By Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga

                                   COMMENTS of Meditation:

Thousands of years ago yogis observed that earthquakes impacted the human in more ways than just the physical or mental.

One’s psyche can feel displacement or disoriented.

After an earthquake the two hemispheres of the brain need to become aligned so that the magnetic field can become adjusted.

Practice this meditation to synchronize the magnetic relationship of the two hemispheres of the brain so that you can be truly present.

                                                                   ©Teachings of Yogi Bhajan


                       Also, the message from me.

            The benefits of Kundalini Yoga or the meditation & Reiki Healing

                                          - Dizziness

- headache

- Stress Reduction

- Depression

- Mental Fatigue


Noriko had two times big earthquakes.

One is 1995 in Kobe Magnitude 7.6

Second is Christchurch Earthquake Magnitude 7.1

      I know we are exhausted by the earthquake and after-shock!!

      Let's do Kundalini Yoga or the meditation & Reiki healing with me.

I am waiting a contact from you.


June - Sep 2010 Winter season information was:

For the winter season: I recomend ''For CURING ANY DISEASE''.

It opens valves in the veins and arteries for com pleat circulation.

It opens the vertebrae to allow blood to allow blood to flow through every part of the spine and then to every part of the body.
                                                               --- Yogi bhajan's Comments ---

My experience is, this kriya looks easy. But it need the effort.
After try, you will feel good way for the CURE ANY DISEASE.
                                                               --- Noriko Comments ---


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