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Breath, breathing, exhale, inhale, .... & more.


   breath 2


   Now what kind of breathing do you do?

   Now check your breathing.

   Now If you felt shallow breath, be straight & do one deep exhale.

   So, next breathing is coming Inhale automatically.


   Our breathing is repetation, like this.

   And if your habit is properly breathing, you will be healthy, happy & smile



   Depressed, Irritable, Insomnia, diet and more & more.

   Many people came over to my thrapy room with their distress.

   Good breathing is best more than any medisons.


   Breath is; normal your breathing, long & deep exhale, long deep inhale,

   hold breath, breath of fire.

   Also, with sound. 

   Sound helps relaxation. Especially it is the mantra(s).

   Mantra(s) access in your possitive power.

     So, simple!

   Breath is natural, and everybody is doing.


   Would like to know what is correct breathing?

   You should learn technique brearhing with sound.


   Ask Noriko & Noriko is waiting you for a free interview.

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