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Let's have Yoga at out side with a nice air.



     Event of Spring;  October.



   Cold & fogy season have gone.

   Spring came around Taumarunui.

   Flowers & new buds are coming out.


   And our body & mind are filled with happiness.

   It is Spring!!

   Noriko is making plan of Yoga time at out side.



   How much?


  I will be able to tell you.





         Gather interested friends!!!

  Do you know how to do Reiki & Yoga?

      How different my Reiki & Yoga? 

                Feel aura from me.

Beside river in Taumarunui / Unhealthy or healthy, without age & sex.


Oct 26 at 10 AM to Oct 27 at 11:30 AM

At Cherry Grove Park.

check Map, below the address.

Cherry Grove Rd, Taumarunui 3920

With Reiki & also easy & simple yoga self therapy.

Dog is welcome an join this session.

Please let me attendance, if possible.

Have enjoy relaxed time O to meet people at beside river. with dog.

Fee is Koha or anything of your mind.





   Please here of e-mail. Please see my aura at Event place.


   See you at out side Yoga.


   From Noriko of Kundalini Yoga class.