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She is experienced teacher.

Stress carries many kinds of sicknessess.

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 We have stress from many reasons.

 We can not keep100% relaxed.

 Eeverybody, except mastered Yogi, has stress from

 weather, human relations, and many others,

 coming through our five senses.

 Noriko teaches how to protect from stresses through

Kundalini Yoga lessons, Reiki healing, Self-hypnotherapy & Meditatons.


 She is an experienced teacher.

 So, come to Noriko's classes or lessons.

 At least, we need to understand our body system for keeping a healthy body.

 Do you know the Endocrin system?

 Look above the "Maior Endocrine Glands" image.


 Today I will write simply about the Adrenal.

 If you need more information, get from books or schools.


 Adrenal :

 The  two  Adrenal glands, located just above the kidneys,

 produce  hormones that regulate salt & water balance,

 support the immune system and

 influence mood, combat stress and maintain blood sugar and 

 blood pressure; and 

 stimulate the nervous system and increase heart rate.


                         --- From Human Anatomy of EIk Grove Village USA ---