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Title: What is Kirtan Kriya? Learn it Use it!!



            Mantra "SA TA NA MA" of Kirtan Kriya.


   Kirtan Kriya's benefit is for Alzheimer persons.

   It is amazing meditation.


   Kirtan Kriya is a famous type of meditation of Kundalini Yoga.

   Kirtan Kriya meditation is easy & simple singing sound & with moved fingers.

   Mantra is SA TA NA MA.

   Using sound & moved fingers, this practicing has been shown to reduce

   stress & give vibration in areas of the brain of central to memory.


         Kirtan Kriya?

   We read it "KIRUTAN KURIYA".

   Kirtan means a song.

   Kriya is a kind of movement set.


   What sound?

   Go to You tube and listen Kirtan Mantra, Sa Ta Na Ma.


         Hand position?

   This image picture is copied from

   Also, read the web site, please. Thank you for

Kirtan Kriya finger positions (mudras)



How to practice Kirtan Kriya & Kundalini yoga?

You can see on You tube.

But Noriko teach well you.

Noriko has professional Kundalini yoga certificate.

Noriko has two hours short lesson cause. You might have a good opportunity for learn

Kirtan Kuriya is benefited for Alzheimer persons.

It is amazing meditation.

Ask Noriko.

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