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Welcome! Kundalini Yoga short hours lesson course.


                                     Clients were happy!!


                                Two hours/ One on one

                                         New course with Youtube.


                                 Noriko's feature program.

                             Many student are successful lesson.

                            Hi Kundalini Yoga interested & keen friends

                             Are you keen to learn Kundalini yoga?

                                Just now, you are youngest day in your life.

                               So, I recommend to start Yoga from just now.

                                And "Strike while the iron is hot". , we say!

Would you like to know how to teach Kundalini yoga?

My Yoga is Kundalini Yoga, not Hatha yoga,

but include Hatha yoga.

If you would like to learn keenness,

I can teach with short hours & one on one lesson about basic posture, breathing, Mantra and also Yoga philosophy.

How many ours do you learn?  Two hours!!

Only two hours, but you can know about basic of Kundalini yoga.

Because this course is one on one. And you I are seriousness.

If you understand Yoga philosophy, your health condition will recover quickly. Because you learn what is Yoga.  Yoga is not only excise. 

After you learn Kundalini yoga from me, you can do at home by the You tube with my supporting.

How much fee?

This short Yoga course is not group.

Lesson fee is $120/two hours for a seriousness person.

Also, certainly, I will recommend for you what kind of Kundalini yoga lessons is best for you from the YouTube.

Recently, Youtube became quality technology screen.

Also, Youtube is a lot of quality Kundalini Yoga movie.

It is most economy way, isn't it? 

Also, you can do correctly Kundalini Yoga at anywhere.

For instance, please open the You tube of Kundalini yoga.

Please start by your appointment!!

One on One, only two hours lesson give an enjoyable life for you.

But if you like group lesson, it is a good, too.

Whichever, please start Kundalini Yoga from now, if you would like to learn Kundalini Yoga.

Most important is to take it in your life, and to use Yoga philosophy in your life.

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