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The story of Behind KIKUART & Noriko.


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The Story Behind KIKUART & Noriko

The Kobe Disaster of 1995

It only lasted 20 seconds, but the magnitude 7.2 earthquake that shattered Kobe, Japan at 5:46am on 17 January 1995 forever changed the life of Noriko Kikuchi. 
That devastating trembler claimed the lives of over 6,000 souls and did untold damage, leaving the city and surrounding areas in ruins.

Fortunately, Noriko herself escaped unhurt; however, that fateful Tuesday morning saw both her home and her fashion business completely destroyed. Without warning, the successful career that she had worked so hard to establish came to an abrupt and traumatic end.

The New Zealand Connection

Only six days before the earthquake Noriko had been holidaying in Auckland, New Zealand. 
Through mutual friends she met Arthur, a businessman who would later become her business partner and eventually her husband.

After a year of uncertainty following the upheaval in Kobe, Noriko decided to accept an invitation from Arthur to join him in New Zealand. Soon after her arrival in February 1996 the pair began to make plans for a new life together. By May they had decided to combine their skills and form a business partnership, which they named KIKUART.

The content of "KIKUART" ?

yellow chrysanthemum by CholeSky   "KIKUART" Logo

"Kiku" in Japanese means "chrysanthemum" and "art" denotes Noriko's artistic abilities. 
Noriko's family name, Kikuchi, translated means a field or plot of chrysanthemums, and thus their logo is a stylized chrysanthemum. (Correctly spoken, Kikuart is pronounced KEE-koo-art and Kikuchi is pronounced kee-KOO-chee.)

The Move to Christchurch from Auckland,

From there to Ruakaka in Whangarei,

From there to Taumarunui.

Now Noriko is living Taumarunui.

Noriko and Arthur married in September of 1996. In June 1998, after gaining two years' experience with their new venture in Remuera (an Auckland suburb), the couple decided to improve their lifestyle by making the move to Christchurch in the South Island. 
They settled in the inner-west suburb of Riccarton, where their tailoring services and teaching concerns have since flourished. Noriko attends to the tailoring and tuition, while Arthur manages their business affairs, customer liaison and advertising.

The Move to Whangarei from Christchurch

Noriko decided to move to Whangarei after the Christchurch quakes, 2011 September.

She continues her own business as a Teacher & Healer of Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, Hypnotherapy & Meditation lessons at Ruakaka in Whangarei.





The move to Taumarunui from Ruakaka in Whangarei

2015.December.13. She moved to Taumarunui from Ruakaka in Whangarei.

The big reason was she could not find out a rental house with her pet, named YUU.

YUU means friend in Japanese.

One day she was looking houses in Taumarunui, computer showed a nice house.

Soon she talked with a agent of Taumarunui, and she decided to buy this house.

The location is quiet & neighborfood are friendly.

She doesn't know Taumarunui town, but she get a lot of information from neighbourhood

Now she is settle down.

She would like to show how to keep going our health; body, mind & spilt.

To make good health is most important in our life. No good health means not quality life, she says.

Also, she says, "Welcome to my healing room anytime".

She will open studio of Reiki, Kundalini yoga & meditation & Hypno-therapy at her house.

5 Falkner Park Taumarunui, 3920

Mobile : 027 715 2121
Skype : smile-nori 
Email: here

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