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Relax & Relax, And Relax & relax.


         Relax & Relax

                                                Relax & Relax


                               NORIKO opened Relaxation Room

for positive persons.

Relaxation Room Name is KIKUART.

                    PH:027 715 2121


Get free 30 minutes healing

for promortion term.

                        What is KIKUART?

What is KIKUART?

Reiki healing, & Teaching.

Yoga-therapy, & Teaching.


Yoga style Meditaton.

I help to get realax.


    No ages, Stressed persons, Unhealthy persons,

                              & More.

                                  What is doing?

What is doing? 

Get free healing

for your experience.

I can help you & Example,

For the Thymas & Immunsystem.

For Curing any disease.

For disease resistance.

For the Lungs & Bloodsystem

For remove negativity.

To clean Lymphattcs & Ajust Lower back

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