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Professional Qualification with phoyos.

            Professional Qualifications

  • Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, & Healer. In NZ.
  • KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher with meditation. In America.
  • Hypnotherapy Certificate. In Japan.


  Riki Certificate 30/October/2003   


  Reiki NZ members Since 30/October/2003

    Kundalini yoga Certificate& Yoga Alliance & 200 RYT                                                                                  12/June/2006   

    Hypnotherapy Certificate 30/April/2012

Current Affiliations

Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association

  • Member of Reiki New Zealand Incorporated
  • Member with professional standing of the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA)
  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher at the RYT200 level


About Yoga Alliance

Registered Yoga Teacher

Noriko Kikuchi, RYT, is registered as a professional yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, a non-profit international yoga support organization based in Clinton, Maryland, USA.

Yoga Alliance registers both individual yoga teachers and yoga teacher training programs (schools) who have complied with the Alliance's minimum training standards.

Noriko Kikuchi meets the 200 Hour Standards required for registration at the RYT 200 level.

About Reiki New Zealand Incorporated

Member of Reiki

Reiki New Zealand Incorporated is the national organisation for Reiki in New Zealand and an affiliate member of the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners.


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