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Phobia(fear), Kalma, & spiritual .... ? 

  About 70% of my clients are phobias disorder, and about 10% are wanted

  spiritual mind.

  My experience can help them.

  Each person is individual story.

  Please have an interview, & contact me please.

  I understand them who have problem "what do I do?".

  I would like to help them from my experience.

  Fee & cost are not expensive with talking.



  About Anxiety, Panic and Phobias: key facts


















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What is anxiety?

Anxiety is the feeling of fear that we get when faced with threatening or difficult situations. It is a normal response when faced with danger as it makes us more alert and gives us energy to deal with problems. But if the anxiety is too strong or is there all the time, then it can be a real problem. Anxiety disorders affect about 1 in 10 people.

What is panic?

Panic is a sudden surge of intense anxiety that can come out of nowhere.

What is a phobia?

A phobia is a fear of a situation, or object. Whilst they are not dangerous, some people find troublesome. and the fear can interfere with their life.


What causes anxiety, panic and phobias?

  • Genes: Some of us seem to be born more anxious than others. This tendency might be inherited through our genes. 
  • Life experience: Bad experiences in the past, big changes in life in the present - pregnancy, changing job, becoming unemployed or moving house.
  • Drugs: Caffeine in coffee can make you feel anxious. Street drugs like amphetamines, LSD or ecstasy can all make you anxious.
  • Circumstances: Sometimes it is obvious what is making you anxious. When the problem disappears, so does the anxiety. However, some things are so threatening - like car crashes, train crashes or fires - that the anxiety can go on long after the event. You can feel nervous and anxious for months or years after the event, even if you were physically unharmed. This is called post-traumatic stress disorder.

What does it feel like to have anxiety, panic or a phobia?


  • Your Mind:
    • Worrying all the time
    • Tired
    • Being irritable
    • Sleeping badly
    • Struggling to concentrate.
  • Your Body:
    • Racing heartbeat
    • Sweating
    • Muscle tension and pains
    • Shaking
    • Heavy breathing
    • Dizziness
    • Faintness
    • Indigestion and diarrhoea.


Panic is a sudden, overwhelming sense of fear and a feeling that you are losing control. You breathe quickly, feel your heart racing, sweat, and may feel that you are going to die. You may try to escape from the situation as quickly as you can.



When certain situations frighten you, you can get strong feelings of anxiety and this is a phobia. So if you have a phobia of dogs, you feel anxious when there are dogs around, but feel OK at other times. You may tend to avoid the situations that make you anxious, which can make the phobia worse as time goes on. Your life can become dominated by your fear and the precautions you take to avoid such situations. You will usually realise that there is no real danger and may even feel silly about your phobia, but you can't control it.

Thank you for this information was copied by The Royal College of Psychiatrists