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Welcome "LOVE" meditation.


                      "LOVE" meditation "SAT KARTAR".


  Simple & easy plactiece.

  You will be able to understand what is true "LOVE"

  Now opening at Taumarunui meditation studio.

  Welcome to all ages, please contact me, Noriko              To Home/ To Yoga


   ***   Please read bellow for your reference ***


   In the West, the month of February is associated with love because of

   Valentines Day.

    It is a good time to think about relationships and love in all aspects of life.

   A core teaching in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi BhajanĀ® is that love is beyond


   it is your steady relationship to your own Infinity that is reflected in your relationship

   to others.  ......more   (from " A Note From Nirvair")