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How to success to understanding Kundalini Yoga.

 One of important for practice: Breath


     Kundalini Yoga incorporates profound praanayams (Breath)     

 throughout Kundalini Yoga practice.

 Understanding and mastering the breath is an

 important part of successfully practicing.

 When any Kundalini Yoga kriyas need to do with


 Kundalini Yoga certificated teaching by Noriko

 teach you "How to success" to understanding Kundalini Yoga.

 Also, you understand one of "How to success", provided as you learn

 breathing through properly poster, finger positions,the meditations, Mantras

 & Kriyas.

 If you practice without the instructions, be the breath carefully.

 If you are keen breath or Kundalini Yoga, please contact us, and have free an


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