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How ever difference are Kundalini Yoga & Reiki?


   Do you know how ever difference are Kundalini yoga & Reiki?

   Answer is simple.

   Kundalini yoga energy & Reiki energy are same life forth energy.

   Both are given off same positive power.

   Our supiritual is heightened and increased from both.

   If you have stress or If you would like to increase your spiritual,

   both are a very usefull.


   So, what is difference between Kundalini Yoga & Reiki?


   - If you like Kundalini Yoga, please have practice of Kriya; they are

   Pranayamas (breathing),

   Asanas (postures),

   Mudras (hand positions),

   Mantras (chanting),

   Bandhs (body locks),

   Meditation, and

   Yoga philosophy.


   - If you like Reiki, Please learn how to get Reiki energy from hand.

   They are Hatsurei-Ho, Gokai & How to use hands.


   Both short time learners are welcome.

   Please get free interview. You can know fees of both. And you know "which

   shoud I choose".

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