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Feedback from clients


  From Facebook Comment


  Stuart Campbell今日 10:28 Noriko has an amazing wealth of knowledge in the arts  

   she practices. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidence on the spiritual

   path-she is awesome!

   --- Thank you comment on facebook.

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         Private is


  From Ms. A in out of Tawmarunui.


  Hi Noriko

  Thank you very much for your sessions on Sunday I enjoyed them and

   have a much better understanding now.

  I would be very interested in yoga at Owhango and I know more people

  who may want to join.  

  I look forward to more sessions and I will see you at the Owhango Market

  on Sunday for my session 

  Thanks again

  --- Thank you feedback. Nowaday, we beleave easy manythings by 


       Called "CHI", CHI gives healing to us. But most people, especially

       doctors & high educated persons are not beleave this power of


       One day the time will come everybody use "CHI" in own life. We

       are pioneers. ---



 From Ms.B in Taumarunui  


   Hello noriko
   Yes i enjoyed your workshop very much. I am interested ina yoga class at    

   Owhango.  I willet pam know too. I a. Sorry i cannot attend your  lunchtime

   classes at the moment. Perhaps later
   Thank you

   --- Thank you feedback. I would like to make plan around begining of April two

        hours Kundalini Workshop at  his Dojyo.  Please join again ---




  From Ms.L in out of Taumarunui,


   Dear Noriko,

   I have enjoyed the Sunday session very much!

   I have practiced (when I think of the breathing) and today I included some kundalini  

   yoga with a few people in my yoga class!!!! 

   Also the safe place where I can go in my imagination using all 5 senses is very 

   powerful. I would like to do more learning with you.

    Hope to see you in Owhango market. 

  --- Thank you feedback. Please ask anytime. If I can answers, I feel glad. ----


From Ms.Ke. in Taumarunui.

Hi Noriko
Feedback: you were very welcoming and informative and I found the 10 minutes very relaxing and I was much lighter afterwards.

   --- Thank you for feedback. Your energy is indexed the highest level & Gold 

  color by bithday. Please cultivate your subconsiouseness by Kundalini Yoga.

  Reiki can help your progress. "Try to do your best with your effort". ---


   From Mr.Su in Taumarunui.   


Hi Noriko;

I am happy to give you honest feedback and hope you are not doubting yourself.

I have found our sessions very enjoyable and informative. You show a great deal of knowledge in how you practice and relay information to me.
If I have one criticism it is around following up when getting someone to practice at home. As I said, most gaijin like me are lazy and need someone to push them. So do not be shy in asking if someone has done their homework, after all, I come to you and need to understand that Reiki requires me to do as much work for healing.

--- Thank you for your feedback. I could get a nice high energy from you.  I am happy to meet you. Any meeting is not a ocasual meeting. There is meaning.

So, let's try to do own best. ---


Thank you for feedback.   More will come soon.                                                       To Home


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