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Event: the Group Healing in Taumarunui.

    Every Friday evening at 7pm to 7:45pm at 5 Falkner Park in Taumarunui.

     About the Group Healing of Taumarunui is a little bit different!!

What is the Group Healing?

Group makes a strong Healing Energy.

If you are an Interested Natural Healing Energy, we are welcome.

If you are happy, let's share happy Healing Energy.

If you would like to be positive mind, let's share high Healing Energy.

If you would like to be relax, let's share relaxing Healing Energy.

What do you do every Fri. Evening?

By the Group intuition;

Reiki Healing for your body.

Or Kundalini Yoga Therapy for making positive mind.

Or Meditation for Cleaning your mind.

Or Phypnosis for Creative your life.

- Every Friday. Please appoint.

- Group hours is From at 7pm to 7:45pm.

- At a moment: Winter is $10/a time.

- Special condition is everybody welcome, but if you are an Interested Natural Healing Energy,  Thank you for reading this page.

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