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- Character of happy persons


                                Happy is made by your self.


  I heard our 40% of genes are set to be happy.

  However, I feel Happy genes are more than 40%. 

  Because no body want unhappiness.


                                  Character of happy persons

  Human relationship is goodness mind & good constancy mind.

  Do you so?


  Good relationship of to your partner, family, friends, neighborfood,

  & also pets.

  Do you so?


  Happy persons are spending with hard work to everything?

  How to spend are you just now?


  Happy characterized persons are interested in spiritual mind in their mind.

  It means not belong religion groups, EX, church or temples.


                  How do we do to be happy characterized persons.

                     Happy character comes from a good breathing.


                     Happy character comes from the Mantra.

                     Happy character comes from Reiki & Kundalini Yoga.




                                    Most easy way to know how to do?

  Noriko has professional Kundalini yoga teacher.

  Noriko has two hours short lesson cause for you by free appointment.

  You might have a good opportunity for learn "Happy characterized person".


                                Would you like to be Happy person?


                               Ask Noriko.


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