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Do you know Chakras?

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These are image of Chakra.
Chakra by Firestar9mmImage result for body map organsChakra Meditation by Nephrae Chakra Beauty by SolemnSmile

I am Kundalini Yoga teacher. Also Reiki master, healer & Hypnotherapiest.

About 30 years ago, I started to learn Kundalini Yoga.

That time, only so few people know "Chakra".

Nowadays, many people know chakra, and many people are interested in "Chakra" like you.

Yoga is connected with "Chakras".

Especially Chakra" is quite important word for Kundalini Yoga practice.

what is Chakra?

Chakra means "ring of light.

You will be able to see it at temples, any church or mosques.  The highest saints arise "ring of light" surroundings us.


Coming more, soon.